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Ahmed Valve Implant

The Ahmed Valve Implant is an operation for the treatment of glaucoma, in which a silicone device or tube is used attached to a plate, this is introduced in the front of the eye to drain the aqueous humor towards the conjunctiva ( layer that covers the eyelids and the anterior part of the eyeball). It is used when other procedures have not served in the cure of the disease.

In the operation of glaucoma with Ahmed valve we use an artificial device to drain the aqueous humor into the subconjunctival space through a silicone tube that is attached to a plate.

In general, valvular devices are used in glaucoma where other types of filter surgeries have failed or in some types of glaucoma where it has been found to offer better results than other surgical techniques such as neovascular or inflammatory glaucoma.

Ahmed’s drainage device, when valvulated, presents a lower risk of deep hypotonia and flattening of the anterior chamber in the immediate postoperative period compared to trabeculectomy or with non-valvulated drainage devices (such as Molteno).

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