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Anomaly or defect of the eye that consists in the inability to see clearly the near objects and that is due to the rigidity of the lens.
«Presbyopia, popularly known as» tired eyesight «, is more common in the elderly»

Presbyopia is when the eyes gradually lose the ability to see objects up close. It is a normal part of aging. In fact, the word «presbyopia» (from the Greek) means «old eye.» You may begin to notice presbyopia shortly after age 40. You are likely to hold what you are reading at a greater distance so that you can read clearly.

What are the causes of presbyopia?

The transparent lens rests inside the eye, behind the colored iris. Change shape to focus the light on the retina so you can see. When you are young, the lens is soft and flexible, and you can change shape easily. This allows you to focus objects both near and far. After 40 years, the lens becomes more rigid and cannot easily change shape. This makes reading difficult, it becomes more difficult to thread a needle or to do other tasks that require close viewing.

There is no way to stop or reverse the normal aging process that causes presbyopia. However, presbyopia can be corrected with glasses, contact lenses or surgery. If you do not correct presbyopia, you may feel discomfort caused by headaches and eye fatigue.

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